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Harvesterhead EH25

EH25 energy wood harvester head

Ponsse Harvesterkopf EH25 

The  EH25 is a guillotine-style grapple head specially designed for multi-stem harvesting of energy wood. Suited to many different base machines, the EH25 energy wood grapple head presents a variety of options for flexible wood harvesting. In the cutting position, the EH25 is high and stable, allowing it to transfer wood bundles in the upright position. In the loading position, the centre of gravity of the grapple is near the shackle, which makes steady, even loading movements possible.

The EH25 is a bulk handling grapple that can gather up many trunks at a time with a maximum 30 cm diameter. The grapple's powerful tilt operation allows it to raise the bundles to an upright position, which facilitates work in narrow, difficult situations and prevents harvest damage to the residual stand. The tilt pitch can be smoothly adjusted, providing optimal handling even for twisted trunks.

Thanks to its brilliant tilt geometry, the EH25 also has excellent load features, and thanks to its light weight and low structure, it operates almost like a normal loader grapple. Logistically, operation of the EH25 is based on the automated co-ordination of the gathering gripper, the grab bucket and the guillotine blade. We have tried to make the operator's work easier with a number of automated functions.

Weight in working position(without rotator): 400 kg (882 lb)
Length: 870 mm (34 in)
Width: 1, 390 mm (55 in)
Height with trunk held vertically
(from rot. pivot to lower plate): 
1, 960 mm (77 in)
Height with trunk held horizontally
(from rot. pivot to base plate):
 1, 210 mm (48 in)
Required crane power: 50 kW (67 hp)
Operating pressure: 20-25 MPa
(2 900-3 626 lb/sq in)
Required oil flow: 60-120 l/min (16-32 gal/min) 
Rotator: Indexator AV12S
Grab opening: 1 300 mm (51 in)
  Many trunks can be gathered at one time 
Cutting diameter, 250 mm at one pass (if cutting from many sides, 300 mm) 
Good loading properties  
Cutting device does not damage the residual stand, knife is behind trunk 
Strong tilt, easily lifts even large bundles to vertical position  
Possible to install scale  
No damper link needed 
Suitable for installation on forwarder, harvester or harwarder 
Simple control system, easy installation on many different machines  
Specially designed for harvesting energy wood 
Patent Pending