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Harvesterhead H 53

Efficient felling

Ponsse Harvesterkopf H 53

The P0NSSE H53 is intended as a multi-purpose harvester head for all trunks under 50 cm in diameter. It works best for thinnings and final felling of small trees. The H53 is a real powerful harvester head in proportion to its weight and size, which also handles troublesome curved trunks.  Its feed force is sufficient and three feed wheels guarantee a strong grip on the trunk. The hydraulic connection of the feed rollers guarantees a non-slip grip, which extends the service life of the feed motors.

Thanks to its five delimbing knives, the H53 cleanly delimbs the trunks without removing the bark. The front knives are designed and placed to delimb small trunks particularly well.  The rear knives, in turn, are designed for delimbing heavy trunks starting all the way from the butt end. The H53 easily handles all types of trunks and tree species.

Weight in working condition (includes rotator and hanger) depending on equipment: 850 - 900 kg (1870 -1980 lb)
Length: 1, 350 mm (53 in)
Width: 1, 230 mm (48 in)
Height without rotator: 1, 150 mm (45 in)
Power consumption: 70-90 kW
(94-120 hp)
Operating pressure: 20-24 MPa (2900-3480 lb/sq in) 
Required oil flow: 200 -250 l/min (53-66 gal/min) 
Saw unit    
Hydraulic chain saw
Power: 45 kW (60 hp)
Saw blade length: 640 mm (25 in)
Saw speed:  44 m/s (144 ft/s)
Chain pitch: 0.404 "
Cutting diameter, one pass: 520 mm (20,5 in) 
Chain shot guard standard
Feed unit  
Feed system: 3 spike rollers or rubber-cushioned
Gross feed force:  18 kN (4050 lb)
Feed speed: 0-4 m/s (0-13 ft/s)
Two stage grip pressure, standard
Delimbing unit
  One stationary and four hydraulically movable knives. Chain shot shield as a standard.
Largest opening:  500 mm (20 in)  
  Separately controlled delimbing knives
and feed rollers 
Measuring and control automation
  P0NSSE Opti 4G
Measuring and control automation

Automatic PONSSE chain tensioner, also includes a manual tensioning screw 

Color marking (hydraulic)

Stump treatment system (hydraulic)

Floating tilt: as a standard the tilt works with on/off -controls so that when tilt is down the cylinder presses the harvester head down continuously. With a floating tilt the harvester head can be set to swing freely when in the down position.

OptiOil (chain lubrication system controlled electronically through the Opti system)