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Harvesterhead H 60 BW

Feed force

Ponsse Harvesterkopf H 60 BW 

The very powerful H60bw harvester head has large feed rollers already familiar from the H73. The H60bw, with its large rollers, is at its best working on thick-barked twisty trunks,. The new H60bw roller frames can also be supplied as a kit to convert the  H60 and H60e models.

There is two motor size option - 630 cc or 470 cc. The smaller engines offer greater feed speed and better operating efficiency, while the larger engines provide greater feed force at a slightly lower speed.

Weight in working conditions
(incl. rotator and hanger)
depending on equipment:
950 - 980 kg (2090 - 2156 lb)
Length: 1, 420 mm (56 in)
Width: 1, 530 mm (60.5 in)
Height without rotator: 1, 420 mm (56 in)
Power consumption: 70-90 kW (94-120 hp)
Operating pressure:  20-24 MPa (2900-3480 lb/sq in)
Required oil flow:  240 -300 l/min (64-80 gal/min) 
Sawing unit
Hydraulic chain saw   
Engine: F11 - 19 or F12 - 30
Power: 45 kW (60 hp)
Saw blade length H60: 750 mm (29.5 in)
Saw speed: 44 m/s (144 ft/s)
Chain pitch:  0.404 "  
Cutting diameter,
one pass:
640 mm (25 in)
Chain shot quard standard
Feed unit
Feed system: 2 spike, ribbed or padded rollers
Feed motors: 2 x 630 cc or 2 x 470 cc
Gross feed force: 24 kN (630) / 18 kN (470)
5400 lb (630) / 4050 lb (470)
Feed speed: 5 m/s (630) / 6m/s (470)
17 ft/s (630) / 20.4 ft/s (470)
Two stage grip pressure:


3-5 hydraulically movable knives,
one stationary
Largest opening: 600 mm (23.5 in)
  Separately controlled delimbing knives
and feed rollers
Measuring- and control automation
  PONSSE Opti 4G
 Optional Equipment

Automatic PONSSE chain tensioner,
also includes a manual chain tensioning

Colour marking (hydraulic) 

Stump handling (hydraulic) 

Floating tilt: As a standard the tilt works with
on/off - controls so that when the tilt is down,
the cylinder presses the harvester head down continuously. With a floating tilt the harvester
head can be set to swing freely when in the
down position. 

OptiOil (electronically-controlled chain
lubrication system, controls in the Opti4G system) 

Optional knives (2 movable knives)