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Harvesterhead HW 8

The PONSSE H8 harvester head provides enough feed power to handle larger trees.

Ponsse Harvesterkopf H8 

The new PONSSE H8 harvester head provides optimised production in the heavy-duty category! Its structure integrates numerous innovative solutions that enable faster harvesting, improve the end-product quality and increase the harvester head service life. Superior feed efficiency and fast delimbing

The feed roller opening is 40 to 740 mm (11/2 to 29 in) and its unique grip geometry makes the handling of large stems easy. The firm grip on trunks and the highly powerful feeding work hand in hand with the feed rollers and blade grip pressure, which can be freely adjusted during operation. It also includes many other innovative features, such as adjustable pressing pressure for the beginning of the feed, lock connection of feed motors, ingenious control functions for front and rear delimbing blades and feed rollers, controlled feed acceleration and deceleration reducing feed damage, just to mention a few. The PONSSE H8 harvester head makes it easy to handle curved trees as well.

Productive and easy-to-use
The PONSSE H8 harvester head provides a self-adjusting and adaptive feed to the sawing window, which significantly speeds up harvesting and ensures excellent sawing efficiency. The easy-to-use automatic features control the saw motion according to the tree diameter and blade position and guarantee fast cutting. While it increases the sawing efficiency, it also increases the service life of the blade and the chain. Saw control calibration is achieved simply by the press of a button. The tilt movement of the PONSSE 8H harvester head is remarkably even and smooth, which reduces machine wear. The improved harvesting tilt force and speed are based on its superb geometry. The tilt also allows you to use the floating function.