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Harvesterhead HW 60

Gentle on the tree

Ponsse Harvesterkopf HW60 

The HW60 was especially designed for harvesting deciduous trees, but it can be used just as well for conifer harvests. It is outstanding for parquet, fence pole, veneer and other more delicate types of wood, because it does not harm the sapwood.

The HW60 can manage even the most difficult trunk bends and large branches, due to the controllability, speed and power of its knives. The large traction rollers familiar from the H73 harvester head (seven roller options) and the 470 or 630 engines make for efficient harvester work that is gentle on the tree. The harvester head has a feed speed of about 5.5 6 m/s  with a 470 cc engine and about 5 m/s with a 630 cc engine. Reinforced axles on the front knives and roller systems, a front cover over the valve system, and numerous additional protective safeguards improve harvester head durability.

The HW60 harvesterfor deciduous trees comes with a moving hydraulic top knife, which can be controlled individually or with the other knives. The moving front knife shortens the fixed part of the harvester so it can better follow a twisty trunk. On the HW60 model, this moving knife can be easily replaced with a fixed knife when the harvester head is to be used for conifer felling for long uninterrupted periods.

Weight in working conditions
(incl. rotator and hanger)
depending on equipment:
970 - 1, 000 kg
Length: 1, 440 mm (56.8 in)
Width: 1, 530 mm (60.5 in)
Height without rotator: 1, 420 mm (56 in)
Power consumption: 70-90 kW (94-120 hp)
Operating pressure:  20-24 MPa (2900-3480 lb/sq in)
Required oil flow:  240 -300 l/min (64-80 gal/min) 
  Black Bruin MR10, Black Bruin BBR15 or Indexator AV12  
Sawing unit
Hydraulic chain saw   
Engine: F11 - 19 or F12 - 30
Power: 45 kW (60 hp)
Saw blade length H60: 640 or 750 mm (25-29.5 in)
Saw speed: 44 m/s (144 ft/s)
Chain pitch:  0.404 "  
Cutting diameter,
one pass:
520/640 mm (20/25 in)
Feed unit
Feed system: 2 spike rollers, ribbed rollers or padded rollers
Feed motors: 2 x 630 cc or 2 x 470 cc
Gross feed force: 24 kN (630) / 18 kN (470)
5400 lb (630) / 4050 lb (470)
Feed speed: 5 m/s (630) / 6m/s (470)
17 ft/s (630) / 20.4 ft/s (470)
Two stage grip pressure:


4 hydraulically movable knives
Largest opening: 600 mm (23.5 in)
  Separately controlled delimbing knives
and feed rollers
Measuring- and control automation
  PONSSE Opti 4G
 Optional Equipment

Automatic PONSSE chain tensioner,
also includes a manual chain tensioning

Colour marking (hydraulic) 

Stump handling (hydraulic) 

Floating tilt: As a standard the tilt works with
on/off - controls so that when the tilt is down,
the cylinder presses the harvester head down continuously. With a floating tilt the harvester
head can be set to swing freely when in the
down position. 

OptiOil (electronically-controlled chain
lubrication system, controls in the Opti4G system) 

Quick fastening, fixed front knife