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Harvesterhead HW 73e

Rugged Tool

Ponsse Harvesterkopf H73e 

The P0NSSE H73 is an extremely versatile multi-purpose harvester head. It is at its best handling heavy logs, but also manages thinnings easily. The H73 offers excellent capacity in proportion to its weight. It handles even 70 cm trunks efficiently. Feed force is ample and three feed rollers guarantee a strong grip on the trunk. A lock system using four feeding motors enables spin-free uninterrupted feeding.  . The hydraulic parallel / series connection of the feed rollers guarantees a non-slip grip and extends the service life of the feed motors.

The P0NSSE H73e has been developed with particular attention to today's measurement precision requirements.  The pressure on the length measurement wheel can be selected either hydraulically or mechanically according to the tree stand quality and customer requirements. The excellent quality of the H73e harvester head is ensured by machining the body in one piece and using durable conical sleeves in all the shafts.

The H73e  harvester head uses five delimbing knives to delimb trunks efficiently without unnecessary damage to the bark. Sturdy, cast front knives are also designed and positioned for delimbing small trunks. The rear knives, in turn, are designed for delimbing heavy trunks starting from the butt end.

Weight in working conditions
(incl. rotator and hanger)
depending on equipment:
1100-1150 kg (2444-2556 lb)
Length: 1 515 mm (59.5 in)
Width: 1 540 mm (60,5 in
Height without rotator: 1 640 mm (64.5 in)
Power consumption: 90 kW (120 hp)
Operating pressure:  20-24 MPa (2900-3480 lb/sq in)
Required oil flow:  240 -300 l/min (64-80 gal/min) 
Sawing unit
Hydraulic chain saw   
Engine: F11 - 19 or F12 - 30
Power: 45 kW (60 hp)
Saw blade length H60: 750-825 mm
Saw speed: 44 m/s (144 ft/s)
Chain pitch:  0.404 "  
Cutting diameter,
one pass:
640/720 mm
Feed unit
Feed system: 3 involute claw rollers or rubber-cushioned roller wheels 
Gross feed force: 26 kN
Feed speed: 0-5 m/s (0-17 ft/s)
One stationary and four hydraulically movable knives
Largest opening: 700 mm
  Separately controlled delimbing knives
and feed rollers
Measuring- and control automation
  PONSSE Opti 4G
 Optional Equipment

Automatic PONSSE chain tensioner, also includes a manual chain tensioning screw
Proportionally adjustable pressure of front and rear knives

Floating tilt: As a standard the tilt works with on/off - controls so that when the tilt is down, the cylinder presses the harvester head down continuously. With a floating tilt the harvester head can be set to swing freely when in the down position. 

Short, 750 mm saw box (standard 822 mm) 

Fixed rear auxiliary knife 

Colour marking (hydraulic)
Stump handling (hydraulic) 

Excavator equipment (incl. Opti+ measuring instrument, rotator, shackle, hose set and mounting kit, in addition to the harvester head) 

OptiOil (electronically-controlled chain lubrication system, controls in the Opti4G system)
Straight rear delimbing blades (standard curved blade) 
Available as mechanical or hydraulic presure on the length measurement  wheel according to conditions 

Additional protection kit for demanding conditions