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Harvester Beaver

Beaver - powerpack
In spite of its small size, the P0NSSE Beaver has the characteristic Ponsse forest machine attitude: A real powerpack, it can handle many different harvesting jobs, from the densest improvement thinning to the heaviest final felling.

Ponsse Beaver

The greatest hydraulic capacity and the strongest crane in its size class combine with the stability provided by its low rigid frame, to form a total package that is not outshone even by its larger companions.

The Beaver's chassis structure, based on an extremely short wheelbase and free-floating portal axle, is an extremely agile all-terrain solution for the demanding conditions of first thinnings. Its ground pressure is evenly distributed, and, thanks to its strong, extendable crane, the residual timber stand sustains minimal damage. The Beaver's technology is based on simple, powerful solutions, many of which have been directly adapted from the larger class-size Ergo harvester. It has indeed proven itself an extremely dependable partner that produces results tirelessly day in, day out.

Length: 7070 mm
Width: 2600 - 2840 mm
Height: 3750 mm
Transport height: 3570 mm
Ground clearance: 640 mm
Netweight: 15 000 kg (depends on equipment)

  • Hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission, 2 speed ranges forward and backward.
  • Electronic drive automatics. Rear drive release.
  • Differential lock:  Mechanical on both axles

Front: 600 - 26,5 or 700 - 26,6
Back: 600 - 26,5 or 700 - 26,5

Drive break: Hydraulic multi-disc brakes, front and rear
Parking break: Spring loaded
Working break: Acts on front and rear brakes

Tilting safety cab which complies with all the required safety standards
Windows: Polycarbonate
Seat: Bege 9000 SE with head rest, Air conditioner

Harvester head
  • Ponsse H53
  • Ponsse H60e

Standard equipment
  • OptiControl system
  • Opti measuring device
  • Ponsse ball-end handles
  • Pressure gauge
  • Auxiliary heater
  • Seat heater
  • Radio/CD player
  • 2 dry powder fire extinguishers
  • Hydraulic tank vacuum pump
  • Hydraulic steps
Model: MB OM 904 LA
Power: 130 kW
Torque: 675 Nm/ 1200 - 1600 U/min
Tractive force: 130 kN
Drive speed: Gear 1 = 0 - 8 km/h
Gear 2 = 0 - 20 km/h
Fuel tank capasity: 280 l

Front: Pivoting axle with portal reduction and differential gear lock
Back: Bogie axle with planetary gears and differential gear lock

Working hydraulics
Separate filtering and cooling circuits
Working pump: 190 cm³ / 235 bar
Hydraulic oil tank volume: 200l
Pump capacity: 313 l/min at 1650 U/min

Electrical system
Voltage: 24 V
Batteries: 2 x 180 Ah
Alternator: 2 x 80 A
Working lights: max 30 x 70 W

Type: HN 125 / HN 200
Reach: 10 m
Tractive force (gross): 27 kNm
Lifting moment: 160 / 200 kNm
HN 125 / HN 200
Turning moment: 35 kNm
Turning angle: 380°
Tilt angle of base:: 30°
Transport height: 3700 / 3800 mm
HN 125 / HN 200

Optional equipment.

In addition to the versatile range of standard accessories included in PONSSE Beaver, a wide list of other accessories is available. Ask your closest dealer for more information

(Subject to change without notice.)