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Elephant forwarder with a lot of tractive force
The PONSSE Elephant forwarder offers very high transport efficiency. The tractive force and torque of this powerhouse, belonging to the 18 ton load-bearing class, have been designed for extreme demands and conditions. Its superior performance can be best seen on steep slopes, thick snow and soft terrain.

Ponsse Elephant 

Its excellent movement, 6.25 m2 (67.3 sq ft) load space, efficient drive transmission and powerful crane ensure that the industry's raw timber is transported quickly and surely to roadside storage and thereafter for the industry to use regardless of the working site location. The superior hydraulics performance also makes the PONSSE Elephant forwarder a very fast and flexible in loading . The big valve table guarantees sufficient oil flow without heat loss, which results in excellent fuel economy.

Ultimate engine power reduces operating costs
One of the superior features of the PONSSE Elephant forwarder is its unique engine efficiency. It can be used at revolutions up to 200-250 rpm lower than most of the other forwarders in the same size category and it will still achieve the same or better engine power and greater hydraulic power. This means, among other things, cost savings through better fuel economy, less noise and more comfortable loading conditions.

Stable, great balance
The PONSSE Elephant is available for your site with either 8 or 6 wheels, depending on its targeteduse: The 8-wheel version is suitable for hard or medium-hard terrain and thick snow, and the 6-wheel version is at its best on hard and flat terrain. Durable and long-lasting structure The durable and long-lasting structure of the PONSSE Elephant forwarder is designed with state of the art materials, such as stronger steel structures and larger diameter pins used, for example, in the crane and slewing cylinder. The further developed and reinforced maintenance-free frame lock guarantees 100% grip that will not give in. The cast frame joint equipped with a large and sturdy bearing, and the well protected slewing cylinders, ensure a wide steering angle, superb power in turns, and a durable structure.

The PONSSE Elephant has been designed to last.
More scalability for forwarders and the Dual concept Another product with a very strong position on the market is the PONSSE Buffalo. The 6-wheel version of the Buffalo is now available, which means that a 6-wheel version of the Buffalo Dual combination machine will soon be available as well. The 6-wheel version of the Buffalo's sister model, the BuffaloKing, is now also available.

Length: 4700 6250mm
Width: 2,97m
Transport height: 3,90m
Ground clearance: 800mm
Netweight: 21 to

Complete: 8x750/55x26,5
Working hydraulics

Crane pump:

Rexroth A11VLO 190ccm
Type: Mercedes Benz OM 906
Power: 205 kW (278 hp)
Torque:  1.100 Nm
Model: PONSSE K100
Reach: 7,6 / 9,5m
Lifting moment:  145 kNm
Turning moment: 33 kNm
Tractive force: 225 kN