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The new power machine for demanding condition. Ponsse is introducing a new forwarder class to the market.

The PONSSE ELK is a powerful forwarder with a carrying capacity of 13 tonnes. It is designed for extremely challenging terrain. Steep mountain sides, treacherous boulder deposits and heavy tree species require a forwarder with drive and load features that are not generally found in the middle size class. Now they are available!

Extreme ruggedness and maximum power are just two of the factors that make this new machine superior. The frame structure, centre joint design and excellent bogie dimensions ensure safe transport with a full 13 tonne-load. The PONSSE ELK comes equipped with either 6 or 8 wheels. The load space can be adjusted to fit all log sizes, and an adjustable front load gate facilitates carrying the different lengths. The extremely durable PONSSE K70+ and PONSSE K90,  the most powerful loaders in their class, form the loader options.

Length: 9150 - 9670 mm +700 mm
adjustable extension
Width: 2640 - 2840 mm
Transport height: 700-wheels: 2810-2960 mm     
600-wheels: 2670-2780 mm
Maximum transport height: 3800 mm
Weight (min.)(depends on accessories): 6 wheels: 14 200 kg            
8 wheels: 15 600 kg

Hydraulic system

PONSSE OptiControl control system with load-sensing crane system
Separate filtering- and cooling system

Crane pump: 145 cm
Hydraulic oil tank volume: 130 l

Reach: 10 m (M-model) 7,9 m (S-model) 10 m (M-model) 7,8 m (S-model)
Lifting moment: 106 kNm 124 kNm
Swivel moment: 24,5 kNm 30 kNm
Turning angle: 360 360

  • Tilting and air-conditioned safety cab, which fulfills all required safety regulations.
  • Gauge-free technology. The bege 9000 SE seat neck support comes as standard feature.

Load capacity
Cross-sectional area of load space: 4,55,0 m2
Load space length: 4200 - 5500 mm
Carrying capacity: 13.000 kg

Model: Mercedes-Benz OM 904 LA
Power:  130 kW (174 hp)
Torque: 675 Nm
Tractive force: 170 kN
Fuel tank capasity: 130 Liter

Front: Front 710/55 x 34 or 600/65 x 34 Rear 710/50 x 26,5 or 600/55 x 26,5
Back: Front and rear 710/50 x 26.5 or 600/50 x 26.5

Optional equipment
In addition to the versatile range of standard accessories included in PONSSE Elk, a wide list of other accessories is available. Ask your closest dealer for more information

(Subject to change without notice.)