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The Ponsse Ergo can match any other single-grip harvester in the world with its efficiency, which is based on double circuit working hydraulics powered by a strong Mercedes-Benz diesel engine. One of two large-capacity pumps supplies oil for the crane movements, while the other is dedicated exclusively to harvester head operations.

Ponsse - Ergo

The system enables the use of many simultaneous movements and operations without movement speed changes that complicate work. With Ergo's control unit, harvester operators can take full advantage of all their skills, unconstrained by limitations imposed by the basic machine.

Thanks to the patented active front axle suspension system, the ergonomics of the Ergo are top-rate. The system keeps the cab upright on uneven terrain and, thanks to its lowered centre of gravity, eliminates the discomfort caused to the operator by swaying from side to side better than any other system.

Although it has the powerful features of a large machine, the Ergo's agility, low base weight and active suspension system, which evenly spreads its ground pressure, also make it appropriate for the most fragile terrain and thinning sites. Because it can be equipped with different cutting heads, cranes, tyres, salt backfill and other options, the Ergo can be adapted to fit the most varied conditions, according to the end user's needs.

Length: 7680 mm
Width: 2640 - 2840 mm
Height:   3770 mm
Ground clearance: 610 mm
Netweight: 15 500 kg (depends on equipment)

  • Hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission
  • 2 speed ranges forward and backward
  • Electronic drive automatics,
    Rear drive release
  • Differential lock:  Mechanical on both axles

Working hydraulics
PONSSE OptiControl control system with load-sensing crane system
Separate filtering- and cooling system
Harvester head pumps: 190 m3 / 235 bar
Crane pump: 145 m3 / 235 bar
Hydraulic oil tank: 350 l

Model: HN 125 / HN 200
Reach: 2,4 - 10 m
Tractive force(gross): 27 kNm
Lifting moment: 190 / 200 kNm
Turning moment:: 35 kNm
Turning angle: 380
Tilt angle of base: 30

Type: MB OM 906 LA
Power: 205 kW

9000 Nm/1200 -
1500 U/min

Tractive force: 160 kN
Fuel tank capacity: 400 l

Front: 600 - 34 or 700 - 34
Back: 600 - 26,5 or 700 - 26,5

Electrical system
Voltage: 24 V
Batteries: 2 x 180 Ah
Alternator: 2 x 80 A
Working lights: max 30 x 70 W

Harvester head
  • Ponsse H 60
  • Ponsse H 73 e

Standard equipment
  • OptiControl system
  • Opti 4G measuring device
  • PONSSE ball-end handles
  • Pressure gauge
  • Auxiliary heater
  • Seat heater
  • Radio/CD player
  • 2 dry powder fire extinguishers
  • Hydraulic tank vacuum pump
  • Hydraulic steps

(Subject to change without notice.)