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P0NSSE Gazelle  -  A+ for effectiveness!
The P0NSSE Gazelle, following in the tracks of its big brother the Wisent, now brings the most advanced forwarder technology on the market to the smaller, 10-tonne size class.

Ponsse Gazelle

The P0NSSE Gazelle's efficiency and reliability are based on smart use of the newest materials, highest-quality components and today's most sophisticated manufacturing technology. The Gazelle's compact and agile appearance hides the power within: Its efficient four-cylinder Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, powerful K70+ loader and large tractive force, combined with the modern OptiControl™ integrated control system, guarantee a level of effectiveness unprecedented in this size class.

Respect for Nature
The low net weight, tight turning radius, optimally shaped bunks and balanced weight distribution of the P0NSSE Gazelle mean that even harvesting sites with the most fragile natural environment can be treated gently and respectfully. The stable base machine and powerful loader also help the operator harvest wood from the maximum reach without harming the standing timber. Environmental friendliness can be viewed as one of the defining features of the Gazelle.

Length: 8 820 mm (opt. 9050 - 9 670 mm) (347 in. (opt. 346 - 381 in.)
Width: 2640 - 2840 mm
Height: 700-wheels: 2810-
2960 mm     
600-wheels: 2670-
2780 mm
Max. Transport height: 3800 mm
Netweight: 6 wheels: 14 200 kg            
8 wheels: 15 600 kg
Hydraulic system

PONSSE OptiControlTM system with load-sensing crane system.
Separate cooling circuit.

Crane pump: 145 cm
Hydraulic oil tank volume: 130 Liter
Reach: 10 m (M-model) 7,9 m (S-model) 10 m (M-model) 7,8 m (S-model)
Lifting moment:  106 kNm 124 kNm
Turning moment: 24,5 kNm 30 kNm
Turning angle: 360° 360°
  • Tilting safety cab, air conditioning
  • Meets all required safety standards
  • Dial-free technology
  • Seat (standard): Bege 9000 SE with head rest
Loading capacity
Load space, cross-sectional area: 4,5–5,0 m2
Load space length: 4200 - 5500 mm
Carrying capacity: 13.000 kg
Model: Mercedes-Benz OM 904 LA
Power: 130 kW (174 hp)
Torque: 675 Nm
Tractive force: 170 kN
Fuel tank capasity: 130 Liter
700/55 x 34” or
600/65 x 34”
700/50 x 26,5” or
600/55 x 26,5”
700/50 x 26,5” or
600/50 x 26,5”
700/50 x 26,5” or
600/50 x 26,5”
Optional equipment

In addition to the versatile range of standard accessories included in PONSSE Elk, a wide list of other accessories is available. Ask your closest dealer for more information.

(Subject to change without notice.)