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Wisent Dual

WisentDual - Everything in one machine
Having achieved enormous popularity, the BuffaloDual harwarder now welcomes a powerful little brother. The brilliant technical solutions of the BuffaloDual are now combined with the Wisent's lightness and agility in one power package: the WisentDual.

Ponsse Wisent Dual

A rugged machine for final fellings - a lightweight machine for thinnings. Sound familiar? What if one could improve performance even more and still operate even more flexibly in the ever-changing conditions which face the contractor?
With the help of the WisentDual, you can substantially improve the return from less productive harvest sites, because you will achieve significant savings in capital, transport, maintenance and wear. The WisentDual is very suitable for harvesting small areas or stands with small-diameter trees. This frees the heavier machinery to work in more lucrative harvesting areas.
Efficient harvester
When equipped as a harvester, the WisentDual is a match for today's single grip harvesters. When the H53 harvester head is attached to the powerful K90 Dual crane and the forwarder fittings removed all the way to the rear bogie, the machine acquires the completely new, compact, nimble look of a harvester. In designing the WisentDual, particular attention was paid  to stability and performance when harvesting heavy timber. The machine's compact, sturdy structure, powerful engine and efficient crane with its 10-metre reach make high-performance harvesting with a single machine possible in all kinds of logging sites.

Full-blooded forwarder
Impressive tractive force, crane efficiency and ample load space make the WisentDual a full-blooded forwarder for transporting wood. The manoeuvrability, balance and even load distribution provided by its superior geometric design guarantee that the WisentDual is suitable for harvesting sites with all kinds of trees and terrain, from soft peat soil to hard rocky heath.

Length as a harvester: 8570 mm
Length as a forwarder: 9140 mm
Width: 2640 / 2840 mm
Height:  3700 mm
Ground clearance: 650 mm
Weight (8/6 wheels)

As a forwarder 15000/13600 kg
As a harvester 14800/13400 kg

Type: MB OM 904 LA
Power: 130 kW (177 hp)
Torque: 675 Nm / 1 200 - 1 600 U/min
Tractive force:  160 kN
Fuel tank volume: 130 l

Hydraulic system

Crane pump:

145 cm3
Hydraulic oil tank volume: 130 l
Pump capacity: 232 l/min at 1600 U/min
  • PONSSE OptiControl control system with load-sensing crane system
  • Separate filtering and cooling




Mini steering wheel / stepless push button steering
Articulated steering, steering angle: 44
Outer turning radius: 6-Rad: 7,4 m / 8-wheels: 7,5m

Electrical system
Voltage: 24 V
Batteries: 2 x 180 Ah
Alternator: 2 x 80 A
Working lights:  max 28 x 70 W

Model: K90Dual
Reach: 10m
Tractive force (gross): 160 kNm
Turning moment: 30 kNm
Turning angle: 360

Grab bucket
Type: Ponsse, Granab, Huldtins, Loglift
Harvesterhead: Ponsse H53

  • ilting safety cab
  • air conditioning
  • Meets all required safety standards
Window: Polycarbonat
Seat: Bege 9000 SE with head rest

Load capacity
Carrying capacity: 12 000 kg
Load space cross-section: 4,3 / 4,5 m2
Load space lenght: 4040 mm

  • Hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission
  • 2 speed ranges forward and backward
  • Electronic drive automatics
    Rear drive release
  • Differential lock:  mechanical in both bogie units

6 wheels: Front 600/700 x 34"
Rear 600/700 x 26.5"
8 wheels: Front and rear 600/700 x 26,5"

Front: Axle equipped with planetary gear and differential lock, or gear-driven bogie axle
Rear: Gear-driven bogie axles equipped with planetary gear and differential lock 

Drive brake: Hydraulic multi-disc brakes front and rear
Parking brake: Spring loaded
Working brake:  Acts on front and rear brakes

Standard equipment
  • Digital PONSSE OptiControl system which governs all machine functions
  • Cab with dial-free technology
  • Odometer (OptiControl)
  • Fuel heater, 9 kW
  • Air conditioner
  • Radio and CD player
  • Mini handles
  • Seat heater
  • 2 dry powder fire extinguishers
  • Hydraulic steps
  • Vacuum pump
  • Reverse light and working light

Optional equipment

In addition to the versatile range of standard accessories included in PONSSE Wisent, a wide list of other accessories is available. Ask your closest dealer for more information

(Subject to change without notice.)